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Industrial Maintenance & Waste Water Management Services

The types of industries who use our services

Aqua Assets has provided industrial maintenance services for Utility, Manufacturing, Petro-Chemical, Construction, Mining, Engineering, Government Agencies, Trades and many other types of commercial businesses for well over twenty years. The experience of our personnel extends even further, with some of our consulting and project management staff having industry experience upward of forty years. The businesses that use Aqua Assets require the security that comes with the knowledge that they are working with a business that knows what they are doing.

Some of the industry sectors we serve:

Our Experience.


Established in 1996 Aqua Assets has over 24 years business experience in industrial maintenance. We also have people who have been in the industry for well over 40 years. Our industrial experience and reputation for expertise is second to none.


We are all about the environment. Among our many services we also maintain stormwater and sewer assets for our clients offering industrial cleaning, vacuum loading, waste removal, pipeline rehabilitation and emergency response choke clearing.


We maintain the training competencies of our personnel for the work we do and educate our people regarding every aspect of safety that could effect the outcome of the dangerous work they perform for our clients. Our peoples Safety through Competency is priority.

Quality Assured

Aqua Assets operate a QMS (Quality Management System) compliant to the requirements of ISO9001:2015. Aqua Assets is also a NATA accredited company. We are regularly audited by not only these assurance bodies but also by many of customers to meet their quality and safety requirements.


Aqua Assets provides fully compliant CCTV stormwater and sewer pipeline/conduit inspections in accordance with the WSA 05 Conduit Inspection Reporting Code of Australia. We do both pre and post reporting to identify maintenance and repair needs and to confirm completion of works.


We not only inspect the condition of our customers assets but we also provide a full asset service from water jet cleaning, vacuum loading and clearing, root cutting, etc. We provide pipeline repair, pipeline relining, pipeline patching and often follow up with a post works CCTV inspection and report.

We also own a Training Company.

Aqua Assets is the parent company of Asset Training an RTO that has been in operation since 2006. Aqua Assets initially started the RTO to keep their internal staff trained and compliant with industry safety requirements but Asset Training has continued to grow into a reputable training organisation servicing external clients as well. Asset Training specialises in Industrial Maintenance and Waste Water Management safe work training and was nominated as a finalist in 2017, 2018 and won the 2019 Hunter Safety Awards for the "Best WHS Safety Training Course" for their High Pressure Water Jetting training.
Asset Training is dedicated to providing their brand of work safety training not only to Aqua Assets staff but to the industry as a whole. Asset Training provides CCTV Conduit Inspection, High Pressure Water Jetting, Vacuum Loading, Confined Space Entry, First Aid, Safe Work at Heights and White Card training to name a few.

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The types of services we provide.

Industrial Cleaning & Waste Water Management

High Pressure Water Blasting / Demolition

Aqua Assets have a fleet of mobile water blasting units to carry out industrial cleaning and high pressure water jetting utilitising a range of attachments from 3D tank cleaning heads, rotary multi-jet gun heads and lance pipe cleaning flex leads and attachments designed to clean heat exchangers, filtrate tanks, columns, and towers, digester tanks, scrubber, fin fan condensers, furnace cleans and many more applications in the petrochemical power station, oil refineries and power stations. We also have Hydro Demolition to 30,000psi

CCTV Pipeline Inspections

Evaluation of structural integrity of pipeline networks servicing Sewer, Water, Gas, Energy and Telecommunications industries. Using the latest digital technology “WinCan” reporting system and a range of CCTV units capable of surveying sizes from 50mm to 3 meters in diameter.

Non-Destructive Digging (NDD)

Non-destructive digging also known has hydro excavation is a process of digging holes using low volume high pressure water and industrial vacuum loaders to gently dislodge and remove surrounding ground area to locate underground services whilst minimising the risk associated with excavation work and damage to expensive infrastructure.

Vacuum Loading

Aqua Assets comprehensive range of Vacuum loading units are custom made to handle wet and dry materials. A modern fleet of mobile self contained vacuum loading units ranging in size, 2700CFM @ 18HG – to 5200CFM @ 27HG. Using the liquid ring pump is ideal for removing materials such as heavy sludge, crude oil and digestive waste. Using a positive displacement blower for the most efficient removal of solids and other material into bins, this is more cost effective.

Drain Cleaning

COMBINATION JET/VACUUM - As well as having water jet drain cleaning units Aqua Assets also have Jet/Vacuum dual purpose trucks having both vacuum and jetting capabilities. Jet/Vacuums are used in municipal, commercial and industrial applications for the removal of heavy grit, sediment, sludge and other semi-solid or slurry removal as needed. Cleaning pipes up to 2 metres in diameter with zero man entry.

Pipeline Repair

Pipeline Inspections, Pipeline Rehabilitation, Pipeline Relining, Pipeline Patching, there is not much we don't do when it comes to pipeline maintenance. We provide many of our clients with a full service from an initial pipeline inspection with report, to water-jet clean, then a repair or reline and finally a pipeline inspection and report evidencing works have been satisfactorily carried out and completed. A full pipeline service.

Work Gallery

Our people doing what they do.

Hi Rail Vacuum Loading

Cleaning subsurface drainage throughout the rail corridor

CCTV Pipeline Inspections

Lowering the CCTV camera into position

Vacuum Recovery

Vacuum Loading and Product Relocation

Pipeline Rehabilitation

Confined Space Entry to carry out repairs on stormwater assets

Pipeline Rehabilitation

Caged confined space entry - Pipeline Rehabilitation - Magnesium Hydroxide Application

Subsurface drainage

Installing subsurface drainage in the rail corridor to remove water from the 4 foot

CCTV Pipeline Inspection

Completing a CCTV inspection in a 750mm Stormwater pipe for a Council

Remedial Site Works

Vacuum Loading and Product Relocation

High Pressure Water Blasting

Coal loader preparation for repainting

Waste Water Management

Industrial Vacuum Loading

Power Station Maintenance

Industrial Vacuum Loading

Combination Jet-Vac Unit

Water-Jet/Vacuum Combination Unit

Part of the team

Environmental crews getting ready for the day

Quickview Pipeline Inspection

The Quickview camera has a zoom range of 0-100m. Returning video via wi-fi to the laptop above this inspection was crystal clear at 46m

Remedial Site Works

Vacuum Loading and Product Relocation

High Pressure Water Blasting

30,000 PSI Hydro Demolition HPWJ Unit

CCTV Pipeline Surveillance

Stormwater drain inspection showing high density gravel requiring drain cleaning

Subsurface Drainage

Backfilling after installing new subsurface drainage in the rail corridor

Non-destructive Dig (NDD)

Removing earth from around buried electrical conduits

High Pressure Water Lancing

Tube Bundle Cleaning

Pipeline Rehabilitation

Caged confined space entry - Pipeline Rehabilitation - Magnesium Hydroxide Application

CCTV Site Preparation

Preparing to carryout a CCTV inspection on storm water drains

Combination Jet-Vac Unit

Demonstrating the extension capability of a combination jet-vac unit

Pipeline Laying

Preparing excavation works for pipe laying

Railway Bridge Cleaning

Vacuum Loading & Bridge Maintenance

Vacuum Loading

Vaccuum out the invert of a 100m by 30m dam in 45-48° C so an inspection of the lining could be carried out - BEFORE

Vacuum Loading

Vaccuum out the invert of a 100m by 30m dam in 45-48° C so an inspection of the lining could be carried out - AFTER

Aqua Assets Careers

HR Drivers

We are always looking for experienced HR Drivers to drive and operate our drain cleaning, vac loading, water tankers and high pressure water jetting trucks. If you hold a current HR licence, Confined Space Entry ticket, HPWJ qualification we would like to hear from you. Please forward your resumé through to our HR Department.


CCTV Operators

CCTV pipeline inspectors wanted.
Storm water, Water Distribution and Sewage pipeline inspections make up a large portion of the combined services we offer to our customers. If you have a high attention to detail and CCTV experience we could use you. Full CCTV high end training will be offered to suitable candidates


Industrial Workers

Hard working industrial maintenance personnel wanted. If you have any industrial maintenance experience and hold confined space, HPWJ, drain cleaning, vacuum loading... qualifications we would like to hear from you. We also offer suitable candidates our brand of industrial training after a qualifying period.


Our fleet is varied and versatile.

We have... Vacuum Loaders, Drain Cleaners, Combination Vac/Water-jets, High Pressure Water jetting units, CCTV Camera Vans, Water Tankers and much more.